if you can’t see your beauty
wear it

all last week
I felt ugly
until Friday
when I wore makeup

maybe it helps
to get “dolled up”
before you go inside
and see what’s wrong

putting on a face
helped me
step through
the looking glass

“In Sight Full”

in heaven
I bet there won’t be mirrors
because we’ll be see thru
so why not start here

in sight
is my body
full figured
hanging skin
wrinkles forming

outta sight
is my soul
good parts and
renewed and

which leaves
my spirit
Free to move
Free to laugh
Free to be love
and soar

I’m not sure
what makes it to heaven
the only thing dying
will be the outside
leaving the goodness of my soul
and spirit

to see through

bringing heaven on earth
through transparency
writing out bad
to get to the good
so the enemy of mirrors
won’t haunt me

and because of the effect
it has here on earth
I KNOW there’ll be laughter
in heaven

“Do You See What I See?”

I know you don’t
because when I look in the mirror
I cry

I see my profile
my weight
my self
and I cry

I just want someone
to see me
from the outside

each profile
from the neck down
from the neck up
from the front
the back
the sides
and tell me that
I’m beautiful

but convince me

or deliver me from
the darkness
that tells lies

To See Myself Through Love

When I was teaching the youth group on Wednesday, I said some things that really touched my heart. I even told them, “If you walk out of here with nothing, at least I know “I” got something out of this.”” It’s amazing how God shows us things, and since then, He’s just been expanding a lot.

One thing I’d mentioned is the way I see myself isn’t how others see me. Continue reading

“Always More”

what if there was more to life
than shedding clothes for men
what if there was more to life
than selling her body
what if there was more to life
than what she saw in the mirror
what if there was more to life
than the traumatic visions of old
what if there was more to life
than having to be better than others
what if there was more to life
than money

there is
and His Name is Jesus