[written 1/12/17]

in just a moment
you’ll never know
what you mean to me
what you mean to me
doesn’t have words
only actions

it’s the way you smile
when you find something funny
and the way you move
when you laugh

it’s the way
you pull your hair back
exposing your perfect profile
for my view

it’s the long talks we’ve had
and the tears we’ve shared
it’s the friendship that’s grown
through Ariel’s birth

it’s the way I can speak to you
without any words
and the way you reply
in the same

imagining life
without you near
is like imagining a dance
without a song

no one really knows
what we’ve been through
and no one really knows
what we’re GOING to
but we do

and amidst it all
there’re so many good things
to look forward to

the long phone calls with laughter and tears
the video chats staying face to face
the recipe swaps making meal creations
the game apps
the letter writing
the times in thought

all those things wouldn’t appear
unless you disappeared
so farewell
and always know
you’re at home in my heart

Church in the Park

On Saturday, a friend had visited Lee and found out he’d taken a fall, hurt himself, but was okay. I knew I’d wanted to go see him but didn’t know when.

During December, I was sick most of the time and knew visiting Lee was out of the question because getting sick was the LAST thing he needed, so I kept my distance but always kept him in prayer.

When I “did” feel better, I just didn’t make the time to make the drive to Balboa Park, but once I found out about him recovering from a fall, I felt an urgency to see him. Continue reading

Crossing Wires

Yesterday, I gave my friend and her dog a ride to one of those mobile neuter buses, and if you know me, that’s a HUGE thing.

Normally, I don’t let animals in my vicinity, let alone my car, but when my friend asked for a ride a little while ago, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes because she’s my friend, and “most of the time,” my love for people overrides my likes or dislikes…most of the time, and I’m so very glad that I let God create our yesterday. Continue reading