Contentment Kills Comparison

-Are you happy with the way you look?

-Are you happy where you are in life?

-Are you happy where you live?

Recently, I started doing the “Hidden Stairs” in La Mesa, and as I’ve walked up and down the stairs, I’ve found myself surrounded by BEAUTIFUL homes: multiple stories; grand views; huge windows, and the person I “used” to be would’ve compared them with what I have.

Not anymore!

Before I began doing the stairs, I married my ex husband, who has a home for us in Texas (which I can’t wait to get to). Well, as I was looking at all the beautiful homes in the neighborhood of the stairs, I thought, “Nothing compares to our home in Texas!”

It was such a natural thought. I didn’t even notice it until AFTER I thought it, and I began to think about contentment.

-If we’re content with how we look, we won’t compare ourselves with anyone else.

-If we’re content with where we are in life, we won’t compare our position with anyone else’s.

-If we’re content with where we live, we won’t compare our home with anyone else’s.

There’ll be NO comparison! And THAT’s Kingdom living!!

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