“Hello, my name is Laura, and I’m a recovered alcoholic.”

Last night, I shared my experience, strength, and hope with a bunch of people in recovery and had the most amazing time doing it, and before I went to bed, I wanted to write about it SO badly, but nothing flowed, so we’ll see what happens this morning. Continue reading

Holidays are the Hardest

Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year. Well, it “used” to be my favorite. We’ll see if it still remains…

It’s funny: I’ve ALWAYS loved the Fourth of July, but somewhere along the way, it became my favorite because of the firework shows and being with ALL my kids…two things I didn’t have this year, but when I thought about it, I didn’t have those last year, either.

As most of you know, moving to Texas “traumatized” me for a little while, and one of the traumatizing things was Continue reading

Bouncing off the Walls

Last week, we went to Verizon to switch our phones over to Scott’s plan, and in doing so, we had to turn our old phones in for new ones. Who’d’ve thought Verizon would’ve broken my laughter free from prison.

As we were waiting for the sales rep, Scott and I were discussing (away from them) which phones the kids could pick from, and as we were about to tell them their options, Scott said, “Your mom said you don’t need phones,” which caused me to laugh a BIG laugh.

Immediately, every head in the store turned to look: some out of shock; some out of surprise; maybe some out of fear (my laugh scares people sometimes), and of course, Carolyn smiled, while covering her face, and Nathan smiled, as he sank a little lower. It felt good. Continue reading

Laughter in Prayer

I’ll never forget the first time I laughed during a prayer. I (almost) thought I’d done something wrong, but it felt so good, so I knew it was something right. Every since then, I let it flow in prayer.

Well, on Friday night, at the last minute, I decided to go to Elijah Mountain to hear Stephen Meyering. As I was walking down the street, I saw a homeless couple, leaning against the wall, drinking. Continue reading