“Hello, my name is Laura, and I’m a recovered alcoholic.”

Last night, I shared my experience, strength, and hope with a bunch of people in recovery and had the most amazing time doing it, and before I went to bed, I wanted to write about it SO badly, but nothing flowed, so we’ll see what happens this morning.

Laughter. That pretty much sums up the whole evening. There was SO MUCH laughter in the air: I’d crack myself up, which made me laugh, which made them laugh, which made me laugh, etc. It was great and was something that was SO needed.

When we’d arrived at the meeting place, we found out about thirty men would be joining us. I thought, “Hmm, my story’s mostly for women, but okay, God. Use what You can to reach them.” Well, evidently, laughter is universal and a great message.

All throughout my story, there’s sex, stripping, abortions, selling my body, etc., so I wasn’t sure how these men’d receive me. Well, they never looked at me in a negative light.

As I watched their eyes looking back at me, I knew they saw me as a person, as a mother, as a daughter of the King, as a friend in recovery. What I saw in their eyes was respect.

To see SO many faces smiling back at me, laughing with me, was phenomenal and something I’ll carry with me forever!

At one point, in the midst of sharing about “my past,” I voiced how this one man looked familiar and asked him if he’d ever been to San Diego. Well, for me, it was a thought that’d been driving me nuts, so I voiced it, but to everyone else, it seemed like I was calling him out from “my past.” The entire room ROARED with laughter. It! Was! Hilarious! and had me giggling as I went to bed.

You know, I haven’t always had this passion to speak. Growing up, I was very much alone and didn’t have much to say (I don’t think), but as I sobered up, I opened up more, and as I opened up more, I learned I loved to speak. I hope that last night was the first of many speaking engagements.

As many of you’ve watched my life over the past five months, it’s been “assumed” that the biggest part of what’s going on inside of me has had to do with moving from San Diego to Texas. Well, you’re wrong. It goes much deeper than that, and if I just stayed home, I’d travel down a very dark path, so I welcome these outside opportunities with open arms, an open heart, and a lot of laughter.

It’s always my hope that (at least) one person’s helped through my story, and last night, I believe there were many. God is SO Good!


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