if I close my eyes
I can hear their laughs
Kyle’s deeper than Nathan’s
but Nathan’s catching up
in age
in maturity
in stature
two sons
one mother
two states
one heart
missing two
and two hearts
missing one
the bond between
mother and sons
goes beyond the boundaries
of state lines

Out of the Box

When I was drinking, I used to make Hamburger Helper A LOT, so much so that the kids (and others) were “sick” of it, but as I sobered up, I learned to cook, and the times I made Hamburger Helper were few and far between, and almost every time we’ve had it, it’s been at Nathan’s request but only of a certain kind.

For as long as I can remember, Nathan’s loved the cheeseburger macaroni one, so I, always, associate it with him. Well, tonight, Scott made it for dinner, and I ALMOST made it through without crying…almost.

Near the end, I broke down, and I’ll be fine if I NEVER eat the cheeseburger Hamburger Helper again. I miss him so much and doubt it will ever stop.

“Super Glue”

you can’t make
a parent
bond with their child

and you can’t make
a person
bond with their spouse

you can’t make
a teacher
bond with their student

but without that bond
what’re you left with

a child without love
a spouse without trust
a student without direction

thank God for God
Who takes what’s broken
and makes it whole

just don’t withhold
any piece of your heart