“Candid Conversations”

sometimes people
don’t want to hear your heart
because they don’t know what to do with it
but most of the time
I simply want an ear
and maybe a hug

never be afraid
to listen to someone’s heart
because usually
God’s intervened
before the last word’s been

“Creating Love”


this picture decribes my marriage
the light you see is hope

I blindly fell in love with him from a distance
through God’s heart
so when I came to live with him face to face
my eyes were opened to see

we had nothing in common
nothing to talk about
he had no goals for the kids
and treated me unkind

so love wasn’t an issue
it just wasn’t there
yet I’m married
so I’m here

and the more I get to know him
how it hurts to be married
nothing in common
nothing to talk about

but I’m here

marriage counseling
and faith
are what I’m using

to create a love
that might last through the dark