“Different Worlds”

life is supposed to mean something

yet for some
it doesn’t
it’s just another day to do
it’s just another time to have
selfish needs met
it’s just another hour to be

thinking only of self
and how to make that feel good

to others
life is breath
a meaning more than living
a deepness that is touched
by being love
for others
a closeness of the self
they were meant to be

life is something
that if lost
can never be gained back

we only live once

why do some want to waste it
why do some not want to talk
about the One who created it
why do some only hope for the best
after life
instead of learning
and knowing
and embracing what’s next

one thing’s for sure
I’m tired of having thoughts
that welcome death

More Than…

This is a line from “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” and some will know why it stood out to me.

“The whole castle stood empty with every door and window open and the light and the sweet spring air flooding in to all the dark and evil places which needed them so badly.”