Craving San Diego

Since we’ve lived in Texas, we’ve discovered one VERY depressing thing: carne asada fries originated in San Diego and are only available in Southwest America…what a tough realization. Anyway, it’s just one of the many things we can “bring” to this community, and what better place to start than at home!

So, a week ago, Carolyn decided she’d make it for us, which involved going to a local Mexican market for some seasoned meat. As we were in line to pay, a man appeared behind us.

You know how you get focused on something and not notice anyone around you? Well, that was me, fixed on the rack near the conveyor belt, focused on the temptation to buy, but the man who’d walked up thought I was focused on his groceries and began to explain.

You see, his groceries consisted of ice and tall beers. His explanation was filled with excuses of why he was buying them. I told him how I hadn’t even noticed, and he went on to explain how he needed them, so I shared with him about being sober for eleven years. I think his heart stopped.

His eyes, red from a hangover, looked straight into mine, and you could tell that not only had he believed I was sober but also believed he may be someday, too, and then, he said it.

“I hope I can get sober someday.”

I replied, “You will! In the Name of Jesus, you WILL BE sober!”

He smiled and said, “Amen! Thank you!”, and he had this look of relief.

A simple desire to have carne asada fries made it possible for this man to have hope!


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