“Check the Lighting”

for the one who lost a baby
newborn pictures will look different

for the one in an unhappy marriage
wedding photos will lack joy

for the one who lost their kids
family pictures may not form a smile

sometimes effects of experience
change one’s perspective
and the only way to change it back
is through alignment with Him


since leaving Lemon Grove
I’ve been oppressed
and let me tell you
the dark can get darker

along the road
many turned away
some remained silent
while others stood by


many said
not to write
or at least
not out loud

but if they only knew
how many times
I held a pen
how many journals
were sent
and as I sat there
with pen in hand
only tears would

when ink
becomes tears
pages become

with every thing inside
I felt buried
with no where to express
parts died

but maybe they needed to
for other parts to live

when a forest burns
new life grows
because what once was shaded
now has light

to those who turned away
welcome back
to those who stayed
let’s move on
to those who were silent
I’m ready to listen

“Opposites Attract”

the unloved
just want to be loved

the unversed
just want to know

the unjust
just want things fair

the unknown
just want to be seen

the unwanted
just want to be needed

when you meet
the “uns”
just let life
of the opposite
then the part of them
that wants
will receive
and break free

“My Beat”

it’s a place that can be
hidden or wide

it feels every loss
and hopes for
every gain

it watches and waits
believing and

it sees what’s going
on and what
could be

it knows what’s in
the eyes and

it can always find
the lies behind
the truth

it’s a safe place to feel
and even safer place
to know

it rises up and stands
when others feel

it cowers in the dark
when feeling

it can speak through
tears and be seen
through joy

it protects
guides and

it’s a mother’s
heart who’s