Fudge Factor

There are moments in time to “go” to church, but every moment of every day, we’re called to BE the church. Well, yesterday, I decided to go have church in the park with Lee.

For those of you who don’t know, Lee’s my homeless friend, who lives in Balboa Park. We met about a year ago and have become the best of friends.

Since I’ve been back from Texas, I’ve found it difficult to make time for the park to go see him. There were even moments when I’d cry over not being able to figure out a time. Well, yesterday, the rain made my decision for me.

My plan was to go scoop him up and bring him home, but he’d already promised someone he’d take shelter in a nearby church, helping support their efforts to aid the homeless (he’s such a good guy), so instead of bringing him home, I sat with him for a couple hours.

It was SO good to catch up with him! No matter how much time passes, we just pick up where we left off, as if time never passed.

I explained to him about my struggle with taxes, and he gave me some good advice…good enough to where I’m pretty confident about finishing them today.

I forgot about his knowledge in that area. For many, many years, he owned his own repair shop and added on used car sales, so along the way, he’s filed many taxes.

It’s funny, I told him about what I’d made and then told him about the cost of materials. I made $6520 and spent about $900 in materials and supplies. In my eyes, I saw the amount as kind of pathetic, but when I told “him” about it, his mouth almost hit the ground!

He said, “That’s GOOD profit! That’s about 700% profit! You keep going the way you’re going, and you’ll be rich in a few years.” I don’t know about THAT, but I “do” know how he changed my perspective of how I saw things. I felt really lifted up!

We made plans for him to come over on Wednesday to shower, have his clothes washed, and go to church with me in the evening. You know, he won’t go to “church,” but he LOVES the dinner/study they have on Wednesday nights at Calvary Chapel in La Mesa, so we’ll be going there.

We also made plans for what’s going to happen with him after I leave, but I’m going to keep you in suspense about that!

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