Kingdom Finance

I think this will be a quick post. We’ll see.

Even though the craft fair seemed like a dead end on Saturday, there was goodness to be had. Not only did I receive a one hundred dollar bill as a donation for my next booth, but I also received an order through Etsy.

The donation convinced me to not quit, and the order convinced me to keep going. I had even made a comment to Carolyn about if I could bring in that much ever day, we’d be fine. Well, guess what? Continue reading

Overdrawn and Out of Gas

It’s funny: the title of this was my reality yesterday, and I believe yesterday happened, so that I would have this title, and someday, it’ll be the title of a book I’ll write about faith. Faith: it’s in me; I know it; I breathe it; I live it. But there are times, when, the reality of not having much makes fear a temptation, and yesterday was one of those times. Continue reading