Kingdom Finance

I think this will be a quick post. We’ll see.

Even though the craft fair seemed like a dead end on Saturday, there was goodness to be had. Not only did I receive a one hundred dollar bill as a donation for my next booth, but I also received an order through Etsy.

The donation convinced me to not quit, and the order convinced me to keep going. I had even made a comment to Carolyn about if I could bring in that much ever day, we’d be fine. Well, guess what?

On the very next day, I received another hundred dollar bill donation and an order…THE VERY NEXT DAY!! But wait, there’s more!

This morning, I received a single flag order, a set order, and a phone call that may lead to an open door. The phone call came right after I declared into the atmosphere, “My God is the God of profit!”

Testing…building…attacking…no matter what comes my way, I will not turn away from His will for me. I know, one hundred percent, that I am supposed to be running this business to reach people and make money.

It’s not over…not even close!

Oh, and in the past two days, two different women have had visions about me, and both were right on with things that were between me and God. I love it when that happens!!

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