Okay, Everybody,
We need YOUR support to get to the Porn Convention, set up a booth inside, and be there to love on every soul we meet.
Without your SUPPORT, we won’t make it there.
We have five members on the team. If each member has 25 people give $25.00 each towards the trip, all expenses will be covered.
Here’s what we need support for:
booth – $1500.00
rooms – $600.00
travel – $200.00
food – $200.00
Here’s our team and the supporters needed:
Me – 25
Janel Gomez – 25
Sheri Giangregorio Brown – 25
David Foulds – 25
Erik Frederickson – 25
To receive a year-end giving letter, donate through the Rock.
–If you’d like to donate online, this will go directly into our account.
–If you’d like to send a check, make it out to “Rock Church,” but in the memo, put “JC’s Girls,” and send it to the Rock.
Rock Church
2277 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92106
–If you’d like to send it through me, I’ll deliver it to the Rock. (Private Message me, and I’ll give you my address.)
We APPRECIATE anything you’d be willing to give. If we could do it without your support, we would, but as it stands, we need you to stand WITH us!!


I saw God tonight
in the eyes of two women

who burn with fire
in flames of prayer
who stop and go
at the sound of God’s voice
who give without asking
because of Who asked

who gave selflessly
in love
who gave selflessly
FOR Love

in the eyes of two women
I saw God tonight

More Than a Need

A few weeks ago, I saw a post from a church collecting donations to help out needy families with their Thanksgiving dinner. My first thought…how do I get on that needy list, but I wasn’t sure about carrying out that thought, so I ignored it, but there was no way escaping it; the thought followed me wherever I went.

Eventually, I sent a message to my friend about it but couldn’t do it because of different thoughts: was it okay to ask; are we really that need; I “may” be able to afford the food by then; I know others are more needy then us; etc., but again, the thought wouldn’t leave me, so I finally asked. Continue reading

Kingdom Finance

I think this will be a quick post. We’ll see.

Even though the craft fair seemed like a dead end on Saturday, there was goodness to be had. Not only did I receive a one hundred dollar bill as a donation for my next booth, but I also received an order through Etsy.

The donation convinced me to not quit, and the order convinced me to keep going. I had even made a comment to Carolyn about if I could bring in that much ever day, we’d be fine. Well, guess what? Continue reading