Oh, By the Way

Yesterday, Janel and I met with our Outreach Director from the Rock about JC’s Girls. We talked about the transition of me stepping down and Janel stepping up, and we also talked about the funds needed for the upcoming porn convention outreach.

From the get-go, Janel and I KNEW we were supposed to be at the convention; we just weren’t sure how we’d get there. Just recently, our “wills” turned to “ifs” about going because we didn’t have the money.

As we were talking with the director about it all, she said, “Oh, by the way, I have this for you. It feels like a check,” and she pulled out an envelope…one I recognized.

…back up.

Two years ago, when I’d taken over the ministry, one of the first things I received was a check for five thousand dollars. That was the reason we were able to go to the LAST convention. Well, the handwriting on this envelope looked VERY familiar to me.

When I took the envelope, I knew all of our hearts stopped. I opened it and started to cry.

There, in my hands, was enough money to go to the porn convention AND start going to the strip clubs again. We were in awe! Janel started to cry, too. Even now…

But that’s not the best part!

When Adultcon called me to ask us if we’d come back to the convention, it was February 25th.

This check was written February 18th!


Can you believe that?! I know you can, but…can you believe that?!

Thank you, ALL, who’ve donated and who’ve prayed for us to go! We received SO MANY donations: $25, $20, $50, $125, $80, $25, $5000…we appreciate you!

God has so much in store for the folks who’ll be there that weekend. It’s going to be AMAZING!!

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