Sowing Seeds at the Porn Convention

How do you put into words what went on at the porn convention? You can’t. How do you understand through a picture? You can’t, so if you really want to know about this weekend, ask God to explain what you read and see.

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This was the team for this year’s porn convention: (from left to right) Erik, Sheri, David, Janel, and me. May 14-15, 2016

Through each one of us on the team, so much went on, but to explain it’d be a challenge because, sometimes, it’s hard to put the heart into words, but from time to time, I’ll attempt to show you parts of mine. Continue reading

The Sound of Music

Over the weekend, some friends of mine and I went to the porn convention in Los Angeles to love on people. Many of you know how I used to be in the adult entertainment industry. Now, I go back in the dark as a light, in case anyone wants to see. My writings (some I’ve already posted) will be reflecting this convention.

What we thought was going to be a small convention “grew” in size. The hall IS smaller, but the audience is many. Continue reading

“Soul on a String”

sadness rises in my heart
as I watch them
watch them

driven by darkness
forced to look
not knowing they’re forced

craze in their eyes
HAVING to have more
yet never satisfied

porn lures you in
and leaves you hanging
thinking of what more to say
to GET the girl
what more to do
to lure her in

a game of cat and mouse
one always on the move
one always chasing

watching what “literally”
USED to turn me on
having no effect

a freedom
not only lived
but given away

I wonder who’ll want it


Okay, Everybody,
We need YOUR support to get to the Porn Convention, set up a booth inside, and be there to love on every soul we meet.
Without your SUPPORT, we won’t make it there.
We have five members on the team. If each member has 25 people give $25.00 each towards the trip, all expenses will be covered.
Here’s what we need support for:
booth – $1500.00
rooms – $600.00
travel – $200.00
food – $200.00
Here’s our team and the supporters needed:
Me – 25
Janel Gomez – 25
Sheri Giangregorio Brown – 25
David Foulds – 25
Erik Frederickson – 25
To receive a year-end giving letter, donate through the Rock.
–If you’d like to donate online, this will go directly into our account.
–If you’d like to send a check, make it out to “Rock Church,” but in the memo, put “JC’s Girls,” and send it to the Rock.
Rock Church
2277 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92106
–If you’d like to send it through me, I’ll deliver it to the Rock. (Private Message me, and I’ll give you my address.)
We APPRECIATE anything you’d be willing to give. If we could do it without your support, we would, but as it stands, we need you to stand WITH us!!

Halloween Caroling

Lemon Grove Outreach

On Friday before the ONE worship gathering, a few of us met up at the church to walk to the trolley area to invite people to come and worship with us, and God had five divine meetings take place.

The first gentleman we met was near the opening of an alley, which brought back some memories for me.

Years ago, I used to walk through that same alley all the time, so much so that I’d wanted to create a naughty memory Continue reading

Christian Cliques

Yesterday, at the Dan Mohler healing conference, he encouraged everyone to meet and get to know people whom you’ve never met before. Sometimes, that seems easier said than done because people have their “groups” they’re happy with and only let those in who they accept or want to be around, but when I think about being in an army, I don’t believe the soldiers only stand next to the ones they like. They have a unity stronger than blood, which, at times, is missing within the church. Continue reading

A Date Set for Lunch

Aside from there being no clouds, yesterday was a beautiful day in San Diego, so I was looking forward to my time in Balboa Park. As I grabbed my flags, Holy Spirit told me to grab the four dollars out of my purse. I was so excited! I asked, “Do I get to see Lee?” It turned out, His answer was yes.

As I walked up the street, I paused and asked God where to go. He said, “Just walk. I’ll tell you who to go to,” so I walked. Right when I entered the park, I saw two gentlemen but wasn’t sure if they were together. One was juggling, which caught almost all my attention. The other was pacing at some points and circling the juggler at a distance but near. It was unusual, so I headed over. Continue reading