Christian Cliques

Yesterday, at the Dan Mohler healing conference, he encouraged everyone to meet and get to know people whom you’ve never met before. Sometimes, that seems easier said than done because people have their “groups” they’re happy with and only let those in who they accept or want to be around, but when I think about being in an army, I don’t believe the soldiers only stand next to the ones they like. They have a unity stronger than blood, which, at times, is missing within the church.

On one of the conference breaks, I was invited to walk over to the nearby McDonald’s but was quickly left behind, so I decided to invite other people to travel over there. In doing so, I invited a man I’d never seen before. The invite, alone, caused healing in his soul.

He mentioned how much it meant to him to be invited. It really opened my eyes to how much, in the past, I’ve been stuck in my own world with my usual friends and haven’t reached out and invited others along the way. Every person is so important to God, so much so that He sacrificed His Son to be ONE with them. How precious are we, and how precious is His blood!

I never want to be caught up in a clique and pass by someone who wants to be seen.

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