“My Birthday Girl”

there’s so much I want to tell you
so much you’re worth
you’re the silver lining of the cloud
the rays that shine through
you’re the beauty the captures the eye
the heart
the soul
the emotions
the way you light up the atmosphere amazes
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“When the Heart Won’t Talk”

there are times when the words seem locked in my heart
but I know I hold the keys to release them
so why don’t I

for most everything
I’m transparent
but there are things about parenting
I keep hidden

could it be because my mind sets on where I failed
could it be
I know that the person I was isn’t who I am now
so expressing this heart would only be healing

a mother’s heart
full of so much
overflowing with so much love that never runs out

Healing Truth

As many of you know, yesterday was Katie’s birthday, and I was broke, but I “knew” money wasn’t important in celebrating her, so I had no doubts we would all have fun together, and I had been looking forward to giving her a very special card.

Back in March, I had found this beautiful card with all these red tulips surrounding a beautiful white one. Tulips are my very favorite flower, so this card caught my eye, and having the white tulip amidst the red ones was the picture of me standing in the blood of Jesus, purified, redeemed, restored, so I bought the card to use for my own.

Shortly after, I was scheduled to dance at Beach Chapel for Easter. All my kids went, and I was so excited to dance with God in their presence (for the very first time). After the service, I was going to write about the awe of it all in my special tulip card to remember forever. Well, after the service, all of that changed. Continue reading