there are some things
that can only be released
through writing
when it comes to my heart
it’s repeated
with nowhere to go
until I write
until I release it
into the atmosphere of sight
to change the world’s view
to see through Heaven’s Eye

“Nothing Lost”

not something lost
not something gained
something “known”

when I say ‘I do’
I won’t lose my purity
of heart
I won’t lose my purity
of body
I won’t lose my purity
of spirit

I know who I am
I know what I think
I know how I feel
I know where I’m facing

when I say ‘I do’
purity remains

In Plain Sight

Last night, I was sitting in bed reading in the bible, and it didn’t take long for me to be wrecked. I was reading in Hebrews, chapter eleven: a chapter I’ve read a bunch of times, and came to a point where I couldn’t continue.

I’ve learned not to “rush” through the bible. I have an entire lifetime to read it, so why not take me time through life to do so. I would rather read one Scripture and become it than read a whole chapter and forget it. Anyway, the part that wrecked me was about Abraham and Sarah.

I’ve always read about their unwavering faith, about waiting for a son, and I would speak and teach about how THAT’s what God recorded, not where they had fallen short, and that’s about as far as my teaching went on that, but last night, God opened up a whole new revelation to me. Continue reading