Craving Goodness

Sometimes, I don’t understand how to fit in or if I want to. Sometimes, it feels like people make life seem harder than it needs to be. Sometimes, my parenting is questioned, so I question my parenting. Whatever the thoughts may be, I always remember to look at them through God’s eyes and only ponder thoughts that are in line with heaven. Continue reading

A Cry for Help

Today is August 31st. I’m hoping to pay rent by September 5th, so I’m asking for PREPAID orders to come pouring in.

Here’s a video of some different style flags I make and dance with:


*Ideally, I need to bring in money for 8 SETS of regular flags this week.*

If you’d like to order, please contact me.

Kid size $40/$60 single/matching set
Reg 5mm $50/$80
Reg 8mm $60/$100
Large $80/$140
Jumbo $100/$180
Butterfly $70/$140

Contact to order:

Facebook message Laura Lee Bonde
Phone/text 619-341-3893