Craving Goodness

Sometimes, I don’t understand how to fit in or if I want to. Sometimes, it feels like people make life seem harder than it needs to be. Sometimes, my parenting is questioned, so I question my parenting. Whatever the thoughts may be, I always remember to look at them through God’s eyes and only ponder thoughts that are in line with heaven.

Yesterday morning, I awoke with some negative thinking that had started the night before. It’s never good to wake up crying. I spent time with God, agreeing with the truth of who I was, and decided to take on the day with that. Well, it sounded great, but as I began to walk through the day, I realized I needed more.

As I waited for church with Carolyn, I couldn’t bear sitting in a room full of people, feeling distant as ever, so I left and went to a friend’s house. I’ll tell you what: it was the best one-on-one church service ever and exactly what I needed.

Sometimes, I think I need to “do” something to make the kids listen. Sometimes, I think I need to “say” something to make them do what I want, but in reality, if I live my life out loud through God’s heart, it’s the best way to communicate with them a life of freedom, and yesterday, I was blessed to see the results of that.

As I picked up Carolyn from church, she talked about the amazing worship time during youth group. She said, “I wished I had my flag.” I love how while she experienced God in an intimate way, she wished she could express it through dance. Isn’t that amazing!!

You see, I never force my kids to go to church. I teach them about the bible by explaining how I live it. I always want them to encounter God in their own hearts in their own time, never forcing it, and not only did God grab hold of Carolyn’s heart but Nathan’s heart as well.

In the evening, Nathan and I caught a scene from the movie “300.” (It’s one of the few violent movies that I love.) He began to ask me if they’d made the movie from the bible because he’d remembered how I used to always read him the story about Gideon and the three hundred men by his side. He always liked that story.

As I told him my opinion on it, he said, “I’m gonna start reading the bible,” and he turned to the bookshelf to make sure it was still there. He had so much excitement in his voice! I was so happy to hear that in him.

Later on, we were both in the bedroom, side by side, each reading the bible, and he said, “Wow, God’s crazy!” He’d read the part about Noah and the ark. It was so cute! He’s not reading for show. He really wants to learn and has already started asking questions. God is so amazing!!

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