“Come Passion”

Jesus knew
a mother’s heart
and even
replaced Himself
before dying


Meet My First Grand-baby!!!

On August 2nd, we were celebrating my daughter’s birth throughout the day, when she went into labor. The next morning, at 4am, her daughter was born!

* Ariel * 6lbs 13.2oz * 19″ long *

My son came to visit!


Then, she was jaundice, so we were back in the hospital for three days.

Finally, we got to go home!!


It’s been a LONG week…so much to write about!

“My Father’s Time”

my dad
trying to remember
without forgetting

I remember his chuckle
and the way his eyes smiled

I remember his stride
and trying to keep up

I remember him taking us
to play tennis

I remember him
having lunch ready

I was his back scratcher
his daughter

I don’t remember
any kisses or hugs

but sometimes
love looks different

I remember his laugh
and the way he smelled

I remember his eyes
and the way he looked at me

I remember his love
and miss him

there was a time
when I forgot on purpose
but now I remember intentionally

Alternate Endings

December fourth, two thousand and sixteen…a day I’ll never forget.

It was a Friday, and I’d woken up from a bad dream. If I remember correctly, I woke up crying, and it turned out to be one of the most depressing mornings I’d had, and to top it all off, I felt a cold coming on.

You see, during that time, everything was so unsure: the business, my income, our groceries, etc., and the next day, I was scheduled to have a booth at the Rock and had some mixed emotions about THAT. Anyway, it was a tough morning, but I made it through by writing.

If you visit my website, you’ll find a calendar with daily writings. I believe the fourth was some of my darkest thoughts, but by the afternoon, I felt much better, and then, Katie came in.

She said, “Mom, I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant.” Continue reading

The Outcast

Yesterday, Carolyn had her last band competition in LA, which was too far for me to travel: I didn’t have the money or the gas, so we both knew I wouldn’t’ve been able to make it, and since we’ve been bonding a lot lately, that was hard on both of us.

She was supposed to arrive back at the school at 1:00 AM, so before I went to bed, I set my alarm, and before I did that, I sent her a text of how I loved her.

After ten, she responded with what a hard day it had been. She’d endured it with pain and tears. She was tired and couldn’t wait to be home, and in her text, she put, “Mom, you don’t even know,” so I knew there was more to her day than just pain. Continue reading