Hell has Ears

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I were sitting on my bed, talking, and somehow, we headed down memory lane about my childhood, and I told him about my decision to become a mother.

I’ll never forget it: I was holding my Cabbage Patch doll and talking about how I was going to be a mother someday, how I was going to love my kids like I’d never been loved, so they could experience hugs and kisses, and as I remembered, I began to cry. Nathan almost cried, too. Continue reading

“Just Wondering”

do people wait for time to pass
so they’ll be closer to heaven

do people wait for someone else to fall
so they can step over them

do people judge others
so they feel better about themselves

do people sit in church
so they don’t have to minister elsewhere Continue reading

Craving Goodness

Sometimes, I don’t understand how to fit in or if I want to. Sometimes, it feels like people make life seem harder than it needs to be. Sometimes, my parenting is questioned, so I question my parenting. Whatever the thoughts may be, I always remember to look at them through God’s eyes and only ponder thoughts that are in line with heaven. Continue reading