Hell has Ears

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I were sitting on my bed, talking, and somehow, we headed down memory lane about my childhood, and I told him about my decision to become a mother.

I’ll never forget it: I was holding my Cabbage Patch doll and talking about how I was going to be a mother someday, how I was going to love my kids like I’d never been loved, so they could experience hugs and kisses, and as I remembered, I began to cry. Nathan almost cried, too.

I told him, at the time, I didn’t think I was talking aloud to God. I think I was talking to the doll, and Nathan said, “God heard you,” and I said, “Yeah, I think Satan did, too.”

Let me explain.

There I was, as a little girl, with a dream to be a mother, a calling from God knit into me in the womb. There I was, responding to this call, declaring what I’d become, and the very thing I wanted to become was the very thing that was attacked later on and still is, at times.

I wonder how strategic hell is, how well they listen and destroy. Well,…TRY to destroy. As much as was lost, much more has been found. It seems like the more darkness accuses me of the mom I used to be, the more God celebrates me as the mom I am now. The enemy has lost in this area and EVERY area of my life. It’s just so cool!!

I’m glad Nathan saw and heard my tears. He’s growing up so fast. It’s good for him to hear about life, what the enemy had tried to do, and how God won and continues to win over and over again. The best example of the bible is living it.

Nathan may not “know” Scriptures, but he KNOWS the Power of God and life transformation, and THAT will stay with him always.

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