“Fortified Cities”

walls have different looks
different meanings
they say
don’t look at me
don’t talk to me
I’m going to hurt you

but much like the Old Testament
these walls are for protection
to keep people out
to keep people in
a boundary not crossed
until you step nearer

a smile
a word
a laugh
will break down a wall
letting Light in

always taught to protect
not let anyone near
not to trust anyone
but that’s a plan of Satan
to have you trust him


doing what feels good
instead of what feels Good
making people feel bad
while making people feel bad

the farther away from Light
the darker it gets
the gloomier the vision
the grayer the area

to live freely in chains
to have space within the walls
to be under a ceiling without growth

a prisoner
walking freely
chained to one spot in time
wasting a life
worth living

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