***20 Things About Me***

I used to be a stripper.
I used to sell my body.
I have four kids.
I’ve had three abortions.
I’d rather read poetry that doesn’t rhyme.
I don’t like it when people go out of turn at stop signs.
I love the clouds.
I used to think God was in the clouds.
I grew up without knowing God.
I have full dentures.
I used to be addicted to sex, drugs, and alcohol.
I hear God all the time.
I value God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit above all.
I write constantly on the inside.
I love to dance with worship flags.
I walk in freedom.
I feel dirty (at times) because of my past, even though I’m brand new.
I’m married to God.
I hope to be married to a man someday (and don’t want to be kissed until my wedding day).
I sometimes go to sleep at night, excited about coffee the next morning.