***20 Things About Me***

I used to be a stripper.
I used to sell my body.
I have four kids.
I’ve had three abortions.
I’d rather read poetry that doesn’t rhyme.
I don’t like it when people go out of turn at stop signs.
I love the clouds.
I used to think God was in the clouds.
I grew up without knowing God.
I have full dentures.
I used to be addicted to sex, drugs, and alcohol.
I hear God all the time.
I value God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit above all.
I write constantly on the inside.
I love to dance with worship flags.
I walk in freedom.
I feel dirty (at times) because of my past, even though I’m brand new.
I’m married to God.
I hope to be married to a man someday (and don’t want to be kissed until my wedding day).
I sometimes go to sleep at night, excited about coffee the next morning.

6 thoughts on “***20 Things About Me***

    1. I’ve always said, “I’m an open book,” but now that I’m married, I keep some stuff inside, which is super hard for me, but anything on my website is open to all who’d like to read it. I’m blown away that you linked parts of me. Thank you SO MUCH!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these things about you and being open to us, your readers.
    I feel that in being vulnerable in our blog posts, we can reach more people, inspire and empower more.
    There’s power in authenticity, sincerity, genuineness. I understand what you mean about “keeping stuff inside”, because I have to worry about my kids, too. They remind me from time to time that I have to watch out what I write as it will be there forever. So as much as I want to be transparent, I still think about how these things that I write may affect my daughters’ lives (and relationships) later on.
    More power to you!
    โค BP


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