if life takes a turn
you won’t lose your direction
if you’re standing still
in His Heart
be still and know
keep moving forward
and trust
only look back
to help someone else
never give up
and always give in
to His Heart
let HIM move your direction
let HIM plan your steps
let HIM open your heart
to hear
all that He has for you
all that He wants for you
all that’s in store for you
let Him be your compass
and follow

Our Rock Concert

Last night, I’d planned a date night with my daughters, but God had a different plan, so I followed it and had an amazing evening!

On my way to pick up Carolyn, Katie called to let me know that she was unable to get the evening off of work and forgot to tell me. When I reached Carolyn and asked if she wanted to invite someone else. She mentioned a friend, so we tried to reach him.

Although we were a little short on time, God didn’t seem to mind and made everything work out perfectly. We were all able to eat and get to the Rock before the concert began. It ended up our seats were taken, so we had to settle for better seats. It was perfect!

So, let me tell you a little bit about Carolyn’s friend. Continue reading