Our Rock Concert

Last night, I’d planned a date night with my daughters, but God had a different plan, so I followed it and had an amazing evening!

On my way to pick up Carolyn, Katie called to let me know that she was unable to get the evening off of work and forgot to tell me. When I reached Carolyn and asked if she wanted to invite someone else. She mentioned a friend, so we tried to reach him.

Although we were a little short on time, God didn’t seem to mind and made everything work out perfectly. We were all able to eat and get to the Rock before the concert began. It ended up our seats were taken, so we had to settle for better seats. It was perfect!

So, let me tell you a little bit about Carolyn’s friend. Recently, faith has been an issue for him. There’ve been times when he’s doubted God’s love for him because of the situation he’s been in. “If God loved me, then…” seems to have been a familiar thought to him, so I was excited to see God touch his heart.

The person we went to see was Matt Redman: one of Carolyn’s favorite worship artists, so she was excited. I couldn’t wait to watch her enjoy hearing him sing live and to watch her worship God in an intimate way, and I had the perfect spot…between the two of them.

During every song, both kids were singing, clapping, lifting their hands…it was precious. Both of them cried at some point. Both of them experienced God in a way they will hold onto for the rest of their lives. I bought them both CD’s, so they’ll always be reminded of our special night.

God’s plans are always so good, and this one didn’t even end there.

FullSizeRenderAs we headed back to the car, Carolyn’s friend begged for some frozen yogurt. I’m a sucker for begging, so off to frozen yogurt, we were!

Have you ever eaten frozen yogurt and laughed for an hour straight? Then you need to go with us! We had SO much fun!!

The nice part of having my unusual laugh is that it makes others laugh, which makes me laugh, which makes them laugh, which makes me laugh, etc. (You get the idea.) We were laughing non stop! It was so good…so healing. I believe laughter creates a special bond, so we left that yogurt place closer to one another.

So, there you have it. I may not of gotten to go on a date with my girls, but I got to go on a date with my kids, and I love them so.

Months ago, I asked God if I could love all kids like I love my own. Evidently, He said, “Yes!”

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