Dinner’s Done

In the beginning of my recovery through AA, I’d felt I’d finally made it “home.” Everyone accepted me, loved me, remembered my name. It was so good. I loved going to meetings and acted a certain way there, which the kids rarely saw at home.

I remember times when the kids would say, “You need a meeting,” and I’d usually leave to go to one. By the time I came back, I was in a good mood, ready to be a mom. That lasted for years, until I really surrendered to God. Continue reading

My Best Day

Throughout my years of recovery (from alcohol and from hell), I’ve remembered many things, some of them good and some of them not so good. When it comes to memories of my dad, there aren’t very many.

In the past, most memories I’ve had of him were attached with pain, but through learning how to reject the pain, I now only have memories, and most of them that I remember bring a smile to my face, like the one I had this morning. Continue reading