will death care what you wear
or how you look
will shame move one
if you’re put together
will regret stay afar
if you’ve got your makeup on
will pride move aside
if you wear your hat

authority is known in the heart
and moves mountains
stands against the storms
withstands the heaviest winds
is a part of who you are
not how you look
or what you wear
it’s from the inside out

Chosen First

Me and Kyle at the Raiders game 10/25/2015
Me and Kyle at the Raiders game 10/25/2015

Yesterday, Kyle took me to the Raiders game, but up until on our way there, I had no idea where he’d gotten the tickets, and finding out squeezed my heart with a hug.

Kyle works for a popular nightclub downtown called “OMNIA.” A little bit ago, a company reserved the club for their company shindig. It was then, when Kyle was noticed.

At this club, he’s security, and he’s so good at his job! Some of you may remember about this club and how they chased Kyle down and practically begged him to work for them. Well, while he was working this particular event, a woman noticed his stature and offered him tickets to the Raiders game.


He was given two tickets, and the first person he thought of to take was ME, his mommy! How amazing is that!! A twenty-four year old young man preferred to take his mom above any of his friends. I was so honored and still am, and while I was there, I heard so much boasting about him. Continue reading


Last year was Carolyn’s first year in band, so this year, I have something to compare it to, and on Saturday, the comparison revealed where my heart was the year before.

About this time time last year, I “knew” I was going to start my own business someday but didn’t know when, and I remember the feeling I’d gotten when the color guards were out there waving their flags: how could I make something like that for them to make money off of! Well, that was last year, and my heart wasn’t in the right place. Continue reading

Zip Tie Mechanics

Recently, I heard some grinding/scraping going on on the driver’s side wheel of my car. I took it to the mechanic and was told, to fix the problem, I’d need to have $340.00 worth of repairs done. Whatever needed to be fixed was causing my tires to wear.

Instead of paying for the repairs, I chose to get used tires.

Well, on Saturday afternoon, Continue reading

“Lifelong Plan”

when I think about the strategies of hell
I think about what they’d want to accomplish

destroy dreams
raise kids with fear
make God look bad
keep hearts looking down
running the other way

if he keeps hearts FROM God
he doesn’t have to worry about God moving THROUGH them

they stand for darkness
abolish light (or try to)
those who “might” be saved
never releasing the Kingdom
embarrassed to speak of Him

if he attacks them as children Continue reading

Hell has Ears

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I were sitting on my bed, talking, and somehow, we headed down memory lane about my childhood, and I told him about my decision to become a mother.

I’ll never forget it: I was holding my Cabbage Patch doll and talking about how I was going to be a mother someday, how I was going to love my kids like I’d never been loved, so they could experience hugs and kisses, and as I remembered, I began to cry. Nathan almost cried, too. Continue reading

Halloween Caroling

Lemon Grove Outreach

On Friday before the ONE worship gathering, a few of us met up at the church to walk to the trolley area to invite people to come and worship with us, and God had five divine meetings take place.

The first gentleman we met was near the opening of an alley, which brought back some memories for me.

Years ago, I used to walk through that same alley all the time, so much so that I’d wanted to create a naughty memory Continue reading