“Lifelong Plan”

when I think about the strategies of hell
I think about what they’d want to accomplish

destroy dreams
raise kids with fear
make God look bad
keep hearts looking down
running the other way

if he keeps hearts FROM God
he doesn’t have to worry about God moving THROUGH them

they stand for darkness
abolish light (or try to)
those who “might” be saved
never releasing the Kingdom
embarrassed to speak of Him

if he attacks them as children
they learn to blame God and hold a grudge

never letting Him near
never stepping in faith
never growing past trauma
never believing in Good
never liking the church

but it doesn’t have to stay that way
there are twice as many ears than voices

hearts may listen
so many testimonies
so many likenesses
so many chances
for Him to break through

for THEM to break through
and meet the One Who gave them dreams
to begin with

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