“The Picnic Table”

last night
I had a dream
one on One
with God

He talked to me
about writing
and what it does
for people

He told me the benefits
of writing for others
and the difference
of only writing to Him

He finally asked me
“what’re you gonna DO about it?”
I woke up
wanting to write

I will never
forget this dream
especially since
I’m writing it down

He sees
what not writing does to me
and I see
how much He cares


Running Man

Since being sick earlier this week, I missed two days of running, so this morning, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being back out there, but man, as soon as I started, I felt amazing!

Back in high school, even though I wasn’t very fast, I LOVED running. Then, through the my senior year, a lot of “life” happened, so my running stopped and, until last month, hadn’t started up again.

That’s (almost) THIRTY YEARS! Continue reading

“Dream Chaser”

they come and go in the night
and seem lost in the day

how does one hold onto their dream?
but where does that come from?
other people

but what if
those other people
are only focused on THEIR dreams

well then it stops

and that’s where each person’s left
to support their own dream
and that’s where passion fades
and competition rises

Meditating Day And Night

Some read by candlelight; I read by Christmas light.



Yesyerday, I listened to Curry Blake teach about meditation and practiced it in my life last night. It something I used to do but pulled away from, since being in Texas, and that’s reading my bible at night.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been reading Narnia books at bedtime…almost trying to escape. Well, this teaching talked about being in the word morning AND night, so I started back up last night.

And wouldn’t you know it: I didn’t have a bad dream! (I’ve had quite a few bad dreams.)

There were other pointers, too, like thanking God for one minute seven times a day and being mindful of who you listen to because words are recorded in your brain.

This morning, I’ve been reading by Christmas light and feel stronger already. He’s building me up for something…maybe Katie leaving…maybe my husband not changing, but regardless, I’m stronger!


Salt, Death, and Flight


“you won’t find her flag
caught up or down the escalator
she’s gone
dancing in heaven”

That was a poem from my dream, written by Katie about me. It was a horribly, sad dream.

In it, I’d been trying like crazy to organize a trip for me, Katie, and Ariel, and all the packing was up to me.

After rushing like crazy to leave for the airport, Katie refused to go with me.

We were in this huge apartment building with many floors, that had the appearance of a mall. From one floor above, I saw her just sitting at a table, refusing to move. I hollared for her to hurry, but she just sat there and dumped (what looked like) five pounds of salt on the floor.

I was so angry.

As I went down to talk to her, she vanished, and I was left, standing in the salt, reading this poem she wrote. And all of a sudden, I realized the poem was about me and saw that no one could see me. At that moment, I realized I was dead.


Right then, the alarm woke me up. So badly, I wanted to fall back asleep and have a do-over for a new dream, a new memory, but I couldn’t, so I got up, crying.

It reminded me of this woman in recovery. She’s seen the pain I’ve gone through with Nathan leaving, and every time I see her, she asks how I’m doing with it.

Then, she asks about Katie, “Has she changed her mind yet about leaving?”

I always reply, “No, she’s still leaving.”

Then, she says, “What’re you going to do?? That’s gonna kill you!”

I often wonder why she says that but haven’t mentioned anything. Evidently, I dreamt about it.

Dream Working

I want to share with you the story behind making these flags.image

Over the weekend, I received a rush order on Etsy. A young lady wanted a set of flags to dance with on stage at her church and wanted them shipped quickly, so she could practice.

They were a smaller set, so I had the material and said I’d have them done, and then, I waited. I’m learning that a lot (if not all) of what I make is God’s timing.

My Monday was pretty busy, so I hadn’t even thought about the flags because I didn’t want to force or rush anything. Then, on Monday night, I had a dream.

In my dream, I was making these flags. I woke up knowing how to tie them, how to fold them, how and when to add the colors as I folded, etc, so when I woke up Tuesday morning, I was ready to go, but Katie was asleep in the living room, so I had to wait.

When I knew she’d awoken, I jumped up to begin.

The only color I was given in the order was a navy blue WITHOUT purple. Some of you know the challenge I’ve had in having a dark blue show up without purple, so I wasn’t too excited about that color.

When I first mixed some navy blue…purple, so I added something else…darker purple, but then, when I added my mixture to blue, a beautiful dark blue showed up. Now, it was time to choose some other colors.

I only came up with one, mixed the other shade of blue, and began on the flags.

When I say these can never be recreated, I mean it! I “know” everything’s possible with God, but I don’t think HE means for any of these to be recreated, so I try not to stress about it. Anyway, they turned out GORGEOUS!

Now…to see if the customer liked them.

On Etsy, I sent a picture and waited (for hours). Her reply made me cry!

They are amazing if I could have given you the picture I had in my head that was it!!! Ah I’m so excited thank you so much I could just cry”

Isn’t that AMAZING!!! Anyway, I really wanted to share this one with you all!