Running Man

Since being sick earlier this week, I missed two days of running, so this morning, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being back out there, but man, as soon as I started, I felt amazing!

Back in high school, even though I wasn’t very fast, I LOVED running. Then, through the my senior year, a lot of “life” happened, so my running stopped and, until last month, hadn’t started up again.

That’s (almost) THIRTY YEARS!

I mean, for the past ten years, Katie and I would run a 5K every year, but I wouldn’t jog beforehand or afterward; I’d just run for that race.

For some reason, I thought the runner within me had passed, but what I’ve found out this past month is that that runner’s very much ALIVE inside me, so no matter how I’ve felt, that runner’s always been there.

It’s the same with Jesus.

Some days, I may feel “off” and alone, but it doesn’t matter how I FEEL; He’s always there inside me.

You know another cool part that I didn’t realize until just now?
When I was younger, I didn’t know God. I hadn’t been to church, yet I loved to run so much, so running was just a part of the way He made me, just like dancing was!

I like thinking of all the little things He knit within me to make me me, and now, running’s been added to that list.


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