“Forrest Gump”

I love it so much
I know it’s not my identity
but now that I’m running
I feel I’ve found a lost part of me

the sound of my shoes
the rhythm of my breathing
the thoughts in my head
in my heart
the memories
the hopes
the plans
every thought positive
I just…love it

even when I’m slow
if I keep going
I’ll get there
never looking back
never losing track
simply moving

and afterwards
oh afterwards
I feel SO good
almost good enough
to keep going

someday…I will

Running Man

Since being sick earlier this week, I missed two days of running, so this morning, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being back out there, but man, as soon as I started, I felt amazing!

Back in high school, even though I wasn’t very fast, I LOVED running. Then, through the my senior year, a lot of “life” happened, so my running stopped and, until last month, hadn’t started up again.

That’s (almost) THIRTY YEARS! Continue reading

Be Your Own Coach!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been running, and at first, I’d carry my phone to time it on this coaching app, but then I thought about it, “If “time” doesn’t matter, why am I carrying my phone to keep track of it?””, which led me into deeper thought.

With the app, it would tell me things like “speed up” or “slow down” or “watch your breathing,” and I realized it was encouraging me, which is why it’s probably called a coaching app, but in reality, “I” want to be my OWN coach, so that anytime, anywhere, with or without technology, I’ll have my coach with me, and so it began.

Well, today was the first day I DIDN’T carry my phone, and man, what a difference it made!


First of all, my hands were FREE, so I didn’t have to focus on NOT dropping my phone. It may not sound like much, but I could tell a big difference.

Then, as I was running, at different times, I’d pick up the pace considerably, pushing my body to do more than it expected, and guess what? IT COULD DO IT! But the most impressive part of coaching was what I controlled my mind to do.

During my run, I didn’t have ONE negative thought. I never thought about being tired or being out of breath or circumstances in life, etc. Do you know WHY I didn’t have any negative thoughts? Because I didn’t ALLOW myself to. We’re to CONTROL our thoughts, and while I exercise my body, I train my mind what to think. I may “sound” crazy, but I’m FREE, and that’s all that matters!

Of course, I did look at the time when I left and when I got back, and even though I wasn’t technically “faster,” I felt stronger and more empowered and can’t WAIT to apply in my life all that I’m learning when I run because everything I learn in the physical trains me to be stronger in the spiritual (if I listen).


Yesterday was Katie’s and my annual 5K run for the hungry, and I really wanted to give Katie my full attention, so I didn’t take my phone, and thought about not needing it and didn’t take my purse.

About a mile down the road, I asked Katie if she had HER phone, which she did, so I said, “Good because we might run out of gas.” She sighed. Continue reading