“Common Cents”

you know what I love?
I never thought
I could work from home
without a husband
yet here I am
working from home
without a husband
and making it

never let doubt win
and stop you from stepping out
in doing what you believe
God’s called you to do

if you listen
you’ll never quit
you’ll learn to trust
you’ll grow a little taller
at hearing His Voice

you may want to cry
may give up a million times
but never follow through
because you’ll make it

listen to His voice

Developing your sense

to keep going


“Fairy Tales”

there comes a point in time
when love becomes a choice

choosing to listen
instead of ignore
choosing to obey
instead of fall away
choosing to be present
instead of online
choosing to love well
instead of waiting

to be swept off your feet
to be rescued
to be wooed by a feeling

the glass slipper may never fit
but that shouldn’t stop love

there’s a bigger picture
where choosing love
brings definition

“False Hope”

I hate it when
dreams seem real
and they’re good
then I wake to reality
and they’re gone

I can’t explain the tears
and won’t stop them

when will that dream come true?

a different version will be real
but for now
that dream was a nightmare

Words that Pierce


Have you ever been attacked by words? If you’re alive, your answer’s probably yes.

Before my retreat, I was attacked harshly by two different people, both “Christians”…both “speaking their truth in love,” but this isn’t a post about bashing them. It’s about continuing to move forward in spite of them.

If you’re new or old to my blog, you’ve probably noticed how I love God and how I live through His Heart. In doing so, I’ve realized all the dreams I have and how they’ll become reality in due time. One of these dreams is to write about whatever God puts on my heart and/or mind, and that’s what I’m currently doing, but it’s more than that. Continue reading

“Lifelong Plan”

when I think about the strategies of hell
I think about what they’d want to accomplish

destroy dreams
raise kids with fear
make God look bad
keep hearts looking down
running the other way

if he keeps hearts FROM God
he doesn’t have to worry about God moving THROUGH them

they stand for darkness
abolish light (or try to)
those who “might” be saved
never releasing the Kingdom
embarrassed to speak of Him

if he attacks them as children Continue reading

Dreams that Follow

Early on in life, many people have dreams, set goals, achieve those goals, and, then, live their dreams into reality, but that’s not always the case for everyone. When I was little, I had dreams, but as soon as life started happening, those dreams seemed erased, forgotten, silly, impossible, but when I truly surrendered my life to God, some dreams started following me. Continue reading