Dream of Transformation

Have you ever had a dream you wanted to get out of? Have you ever had a dream you wanted to stay in? Well, last night, I had both.

Here’s a taste of the dreams I wanted out of:

walking down a hill
to pick up Katie
without a car

drunk at a Raiders bar
losing Nathan
to find him in jail

And then the alarm went off.

Well, I wasn’t about to wake up and think about those dreams all day long, so I went back to sleep for an hour and was so glad I did.

This next dream started with me being in a Texas sort of setting. I found myself in a Burger King (nightly) chatting with the same people in the restaurant, who were rude.

One night, these people were so rude, I left crying and missed San Diego, and then, all of a sudden, I was in a NEW Texas, but this one, I’d been to before.

I entered this world and found myself on top of a wrestling ring. I was so high up; people were trying to figure out how to get me down, but I was too afraid to move. When I finally got down, I’d realized I’d been there before but as a different “me.”

Across from me were a group of girls. They were strippers and wrestlers. The old me was in the middle, like the leader of the bunch. As I looked at her, I was so glad to be THERE and to be ME and to see HER as someone different. I watched her go in the ring but left to explore this new place as the new person I was.

All the people there were SO nice. Everyone was so welcoming and included me in their lives. As people showed me around town, it was nearing midnight, and it happened to be New Year’s Eve.

At the stroke of twelve, if you were in the right place, you were dropped in a cluster of buildings, floating to the ground. Out of these buildings sprung life size bouquets of flowers, and “we” were among the flowers.

When the buildings landed, rows of seating appeared, so we found our seats and watched, as the bouquets drifted up and exploded into fireworks. The backdrop was an endless sky with beautiful clouds. It was all breathtaking!

One of the neatest parts about this dream was that, before I woke up, I got to hug everyone goodbye.

As I wrote this out, God revealed so much to me. I’m so excited for this move to Texas!!

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