Chosen First

Me and Kyle at the Raiders game 10/25/2015
Me and Kyle at the Raiders game 10/25/2015

Yesterday, Kyle took me to the Raiders game, but up until on our way there, I had no idea where he’d gotten the tickets, and finding out squeezed my heart with a hug.

Kyle works for a popular nightclub downtown called “OMNIA.” A little bit ago, a company reserved the club for their company shindig. It was then, when Kyle was noticed.

At this club, he’s security, and he’s so good at his job! Some of you may remember about this club and how they chased Kyle down and practically begged him to work for them. Well, while he was working this particular event, a woman noticed his stature and offered him tickets to the Raiders game.


He was given two tickets, and the first person he thought of to take was ME, his mommy! How amazing is that!! A twenty-four year old young man preferred to take his mom above any of his friends. I was so honored and still am, and while I was there, I heard so much boasting about him.

I sat right next to one of his managers and listened to him talk about what a good worker Kyle was and how he was his favorite. Then, the woman who gave him the tickets boasted about what a good man Kyle was. I was so proud!

Gorilla Rilla Official Mascot of The Black Hole of the Raiders
Gorilla Rilla
Official Mascot of The Black Hole of the Raiders

This is what I was talking about: how God celebrates me as a mom. It was such an amazing day, and the Raiders played so well. Even afterward, we stuck around to take a picture with the official mascot of The Black Hole. He travels with all the games (I think).

Oh, and another cool thing…

While we were waiting for our will-call tickets, a man stood in line…very nicely dressed with a nice Raiders pin on his lapel. I complimented his pin and noticed that he had a pass around his neck that said, “Official of the Raiders.” I asked him about his pin, his pass, and his Superbowl ring.

As I was talking with him, he took off the pin and gave it to me and said that Al Davis had given it to him. I was so excited. I asked him if he wanted prayer, but he said he was good and thanked me, so now I have a Raiders pin!!

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