Last year was Carolyn’s first year in band, so this year, I have something to compare it to, and on Saturday, the comparison revealed where my heart was the year before.

About this time time last year, I “knew” I was going to start my own business someday but didn’t know when, and I remember the feeling I’d gotten when the color guards were out there waving their flags: how could I make something like that for them to make money off of! Well, that was last year, and my heart wasn’t in the right place.

You see, it’s not about making money at all, but I hadn’t realized that yet. Now, I know and am aligned right.

Helix Instrumental (Carolyn's on the right) 10/24/2015
Helix Instrumental (Carolyn’s on the right) 10/24/2015

Every since I’ve started the business (and maybe before), some people have questioned my motives for selling flags. They check in to make sure I’m in the “right place.” For awhile, I questioned my OWN self because of what seemed to be in the air. Well, God revealed to me the truth on Saturday, by showing me.

Maybe that’s why He hadn’t had me start the business last year: I wasn’t ready. He waited for me to be ready to open the door. After this weekend, I’ll no longer question His open door or my open heart. They’re BOTH in the right place!!

Another thing I noticed at Carolyn’s band competition was how much I used to compare myself with other parents, with other people. This year, that no longer happens. I did, however, come to the conclusion that I look like a “mom” but haven’t decided if that’s good or bad. (It’s an age thing.)

I realize God’s doing something unique with me, so I no longer look to anyone else to see if I’m doing something “right,” whether it be making flags, dancing, outreach, etc. As long as I’m being me and loving Him, I’ll be doing everything right.

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