in the silence 
in the peace 
not outside
but inside
you'll find

On the Edge

You ever have those moments when all you want to do is write, yet nothing comes out? (sigh) I do. Lately, I have those moments A LOT, and for some reason, it hurts my heart. How can you tell? …the tears running down my face.

So, today, my writing may be out-of-sorts (if it comes “out” at all).

“Super Glue”

you can’t make
a parent
bond with their child

and you can’t make
a person
bond with their spouse

you can’t make
a teacher
bond with their student

but without that bond
what’re you left with

a child without love
a spouse without trust
a student without direction

thank God for God
Who takes what’s broken
and makes it whole

just don’t withhold
any piece of your heart

“Step by Step”

[written 10/29/16]

the road of recovery
is rest in the unknown
becoming who you are
forgetting who you were

when traveled alone
every inch
feels like a mile

but with friends
all of a sudden
you turn around
and realize you’ve walked
a marathon

“The Real Deal”

happiness is a state of mind
and the only state i wanna live in

i can’t fake being happy
i can’t fake being sad
what you see is what you get
but i DO have a goal
to be more

i wanna be happy ALL the time
no matter what the circumstance
unless tragedy strikes of course

some say that’s impossible
but I say they’re wrong

from inside God’s heart
ALL things are possible
and looking inside God’s heart
there’s nothing to be unhappy about

making decisions creates a reality
and the way i react to that reality
can make a difference in the world
either good or bad

“Lead and Follow”

[written 10/14/16]

there’s music in my head
I sing with
there’s music in my heart
I dance with
there’s music in my soul
I sleep with

there’re no limits to what you can do
only limits to what you “think” you can do


there’s a quiet place of the heart
unseen by man
but known by God

where requests are never made
but desires are known
and answered

where a thought becomes a prayer
because it came from the heart

when His Spirit lives in you
there’s always communion

know it
seek it
learn it
live it