“Common Cents”

you know what I love?
I never thought
I could work from home
without a husband
yet here I am
working from home
without a husband
and making it

never let doubt win
and stop you from stepping out
in doing what you believe
God’s called you to do

if you listen
you’ll never quit
you’ll learn to trust
you’ll grow a little taller
at hearing His Voice

you may want to cry
may give up a million times
but never follow through
because you’ll make it

listen to His voice

Developing your sense

to keep going


Last year was Carolyn’s first year in band, so this year, I have something to compare it to, and on Saturday, the comparison revealed where my heart was the year before.

About this time time last year, I “knew” I was going to start my own business someday but didn’t know when, and I remember the feeling I’d gotten when the color guards were out there waving their flags: how could I make something like that for them to make money off of! Well, that was last year, and my heart wasn’t in the right place. Continue reading

Kingdom Finance

I think this will be a quick post. We’ll see.

Even though the craft fair seemed like a dead end on Saturday, there was goodness to be had. Not only did I receive a one hundred dollar bill as a donation for my next booth, but I also received an order through Etsy.

The donation convinced me to not quit, and the order convinced me to keep going. I had even made a comment to Carolyn about if I could bring in that much ever day, we’d be fine. Well, guess what? Continue reading

Angel Tears and Goatsmilk

Well, some know very well that yesterday was a tough day for me, so this won’t be the most uplifting post. I wasn’t going to write at all, but (of course) I woke up writing in my heart, so (again) God’s gotten His way.

Yesterday, I learned some very valuable lessons from God, not in any condemning way but in the most loving way possible. Right off the bat, I realized the mistake I’d made leading up to the craft fair. Continue reading