“Heart Breaks”

the feeling of failing
steals the air that I breathe
it blinds the vision that I’ve seen
it clouds the judgment of my mind
such a powerful force
yet invisible
and false

it comes on strong
almost out of control
and once I’m in it
it seems harder
to find my way out

is trying failing
is money a measurement

in my dream last night
I went for a job
was that God talking
or fear

what if you’re doing what you feel called
and not making it
what if you weigh the cost
and find your passion priceless
and want to keep going

you have kids

tempting to compare
the kids will always win
am I selfish to live my passion
is my belief that we’ll succeed

I can tell you this
the feeling of failing
disguises the Voice I always listen to

as I close my eyes and ask
I’m to keep going
and trust
that all will be okay

thank God for poetry
now back to work

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