“Table of Contents”

God’s writing a book in me
that will help millions
I know it
I sense it
it’s real

of all people
why not

this subject
of all things
why not

without expecting
He planted seeds
without asking
He watered

now time to grow
in His direction
bearing fruit
in His light


the quietness of my heart
hears the heavens
where to go
when to move
how to love
and with the beat of my heart
I’ll listen

some things I thought
could never be


a covenant is something you hold onto
or let go of
even if you run
God WILL pursue
even if you stay
God will pursue

it’s not about following
to make sure someone lives “right”
it’s about living “right”
and following His lead

I’ve spent many years running
searching for “the one”
finding the “One”

the gospel’s about
becoming love
for others
not IF they earn it
more if they don’t

I’ve been spending time with Him
in clarity
after all these years I know

one can run physically
one can run spiritually
it’s up to me
to chase after the one

“Along the Journey”

God’s not my GPS
choices are
there are many roads we can take
many turns to the left
and to the right
going forwards
or backwards
making u turns
many different possibilities
God’s definitely one of the routes
but my choices point me in direction


if life takes a turn
you won’t lose your direction
if you’re standing still
in His Heart
be still and know
keep moving forward
and trust
only look back
to help someone else
never give up
and always give in
to His Heart
let HIM move your direction
let HIM plan your steps
let HIM open your heart
to hear
all that He has for you
all that He wants for you
all that’s in store for you
let Him be your compass
and follow

Instead of “I Do,” I Won’t

This morning, I felt a “pause” in writing. When that happens, I no longer worry about it. I just know God’s perfect timing hasn’t come yet, or there’re still some things He wants me to communion with Him about. With what I’m about to write, I’m not particularly “thrilled” about it because it involves a lot of real feelings that I’m still feeling them, so I have my tissues nearby. Continue reading