“Negative Vibes”

I “could be” farther along than I am
but if I focus on that
I’ll miss out on where I am

but it’s just hard not to notice
what keeps holding me back

a failing business
because I keep failing
a distant marriage
because we’re still strangers
kids that keep leaving
because they’re not happy

it’s like I’m reminded every day
of what’s not right
meaning most what I see
seems wrong

so I stay in God’s word and pray
worship through my heart
and dance
every chance I get
but how does that help?

it’s like I’m reminded every day
of what’s not right
meaning most what I see
seems wrong

still looking
still waiting
still hoping

Just Keep Swimming

In one week, I received SIXTEEN scarf orders. Do you even “know” what that means?

It means I don’t have to quit and find a job.

It means this business will remain and grow.

It means, every time I cried and sobbed, there’d be an outcome (if I didn’t give up).

EVERY TIME I contemplated quitting, I KNEW I was supposed to continue on, but it didn’t make any common sense. Continue reading

An Empty Booth

The other night, I had a booth at the Rock. As much as I just wanted to “be” there for others, I was still short on rent and needed to sell some flags.

Right off the bat, a young woman stopped by the booth, entranced by the beauty of the flags. As I told her about them and about my testimony, she filled with joy!

She said, “No way! I’ve never heard anyone be so open like that. I used to be trafficked. No one’s ever said that! I’m just blown away right now! That just made my day! Thank you!” And I believe THAT is why I was supposed to be there, but still, I had hours left and flags to sell, so I was ready for the night (or so I thought). Continue reading

Balancing Act

I know someone out there needs encouragement to keep faith because of what God is having me write about today, so I hope that some of the words that person reads will bless them to look at things a little bit differently and to walk by faith, not by what they see or have.

Okay, so I’m not the best at balancing on paper, so I usually do it all in my head. When you’re running a business, that may not be the best thing to do, and at times, if I’m unsure about what I have in the bank and think it may be low, I won’t even look because the moment I look, I’m usually filled with fear, so I balance in my head and move forward. Continue reading