Balancing Act

I know someone out there needs encouragement to keep faith because of what God is having me write about today, so I hope that some of the words that person reads will bless them to look at things a little bit differently and to walk by faith, not by what they see or have.

Okay, so I’m not the best at balancing on paper, so I usually do it all in my head. When you’re running a business, that may not be the best thing to do, and at times, if I’m unsure about what I have in the bank and think it may be low, I won’t even look because the moment I look, I’m usually filled with fear, so I balance in my head and move forward.

Yesterday was the day to sit down with my books and the computer and check all my balances. Well, some payments on orders that I had been counting on hadn’t come through yet, so I knew my balance was too low for rent but wasn’t sure by how much, and when I checked online, I found I was “really” low and posted a comment about not having enough for rent.

After I posted the comment, I went about business as usual and started to work on flags. As I was working, I began to cry a little. A lot of “why’s” went through my head, but I didn’t voice any of them because they weren’t very uplifting, so I ignored them and spoke the truth instead.

When I left my job, many people thought I was crazy, but I ignored them because I KNEW I was following the voice of God. Back in March, God had told me to start this business, but back then, I listened to the voice of friends, instead of God, and didn’t follow through with it, so when I heard His voice again, I didn’t even hesitate to follow.

If I had started when God told me to, I would’ve had a few thousand dollars in the bank to support me through the gentle increase of a new business growing, but I didn’t, so here I am.

With working from home, I’ve found it takes a few months to find your groove, get a rhythm, learn what works and what doesn’t, etc. I’m notorious for counting money that I haven’t collected yet, which is never good. Anyway, to be honest, when I checked my balances yesterday, I was five hundred short on rent and had only one day to make it up, and even though I shed some tears, I knew God would make a way, and He did.

Within hours, a woman came by the house to help me with money. It was the most amazing thing! She said as soon as she saw my post, she got all excited because she’d be able to pour into my life. I was in awe!

As she was here, Katie had dropped off some money because, after I found out my balances, I asked if I could borrow any amount she had. She brought some over and said I didn’t need to pay her back. I was in awe.

Later on, I set up some flag deliveries, and everyone who said they would be there to pay, showed up and paid, so I had even more towards rent, and all the while, a woman in another state, whom I don’t even know very well, worked behind the scenes on my behalf.

After entering the rest in, I had enough for rent, which was $ very grateful!!
After entering the rest in, I had enough for rent, which was $1225.00…so very grateful!!

This friend is passionate about the body of Christ coming together to support one another, so when she saw my post, she cried out for help for me. As a result, this morning, I’ll be headed over to her daughter’s house, whom I’ve never met, to pick up a sealed envelope with an amount of money in it from someone in the body of Christ. I have no doubt it’ll be just what I need.

Now, do I think this is an attack from the enemy? Absolutely not! I think the enemy was shouting fear into me, but I don’t think, all in all, it was. There’re definitely subtle attacks throughout the month, but I think this was a wake-up call for me to stay on top of my orders, collect partial payments up front, only count what’s actually come in, etc. I’m learning so much on a continual basis, and I know it’s all training ground to prepare me for the more.

If you hear God calling you to step out and do something, don’t wait! Follow His voice because He knows what He’s doing. I’m so glad I started this business. I have so much time with the kids. It’s so, so, very good! God is such a good parent and boss. If I listen to Him, I will not fail!

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