“Rear-view Mirror”

things I WON’T miss in Texas

my loud abusive neighbors
their dog
cost of living
paying rent
my loud abusive neighbors

I’ll miss Kyle
my time with ALL my kids
our game nights
the weather
people I’ve known
what my eyes are used to

I know we’ll make new memories
I know Kyle will visit
I know things will be amazing

don’t make this more than
it is
a poem


I’m in this place
with no windows
tears filling the room
like rain

having friends
yet no one to talk to
having vision
yet not all the rent

how could I ask anyone
to understand
when I myself
don’t understand

every tear
leading to a thought
every thought
leading to a tear

feeling like a failure
feeling unattractive



a friend
to listen

finding myself

with the only One
Who cares
the only One
Who listens
the only One
Who never judges

another day
where hiding seems to be
the only option

Corking a Geyser

Last night, I almost believed the enemy and had planned never to write again. Why I even entertained him disturbs me, but I did and even set my alarm, so it’d be too late for me to write this morning. My plan failed because God woke me up an hour before my alarm and told me to write, so here I am. Continue reading

Balancing Act

I know someone out there needs encouragement to keep faith because of what God is having me write about today, so I hope that some of the words that person reads will bless them to look at things a little bit differently and to walk by faith, not by what they see or have.

Okay, so I’m not the best at balancing on paper, so I usually do it all in my head. When you’re running a business, that may not be the best thing to do, and at times, if I’m unsure about what I have in the bank and think it may be low, I won’t even look because the moment I look, I’m usually filled with fear, so I balance in my head and move forward. Continue reading