Cleaning House

Yesterday, as I took out some trash, I decided to go into the garage and clean. If you know me, you know how unusual that is for me, but something motivated me to do so, and as I was cleaning, I figured out what that something was.

As I picked up some of the junk on the floor, I realized I was motivated to clean because I might lose the place for not having rent. I’ve been here over three and a half years and have only attempted to clean the garage a few times, so the fact I was doing it felt like too-little-too-late, and then I wondered how often in life that happened.

I’ve been at jobs before, and when it seemed like my job was on the line, I worked really hard, harder than I had worked previously. Isn’t it strange that the thought of losing something motivates you to do your best? As I was cleaning, I noticed how I hadn’t been doing my best, and then I thought about marriages.

I wonder how long a marriage is really bad before one tries to save it. I’m thinking, when there are problems within the relationship, it’d be a lot easier to resolve them right away, instead of letting the “clutter” build up and form a seemingly impossible mission. My garage…my house needs a lot of work to be considered “clean,” which brought me to think about people.

As we go through life living through Jesus, He lives through us, making us His home. How clean is your house? Do you wait for all the “clutter” to build up before you tackle it? Do you wait until the threat of losing your “home” comes before you take care of it?

I just feel like God’s calling His body to “clean house,” so He may freely use every part of us to release His Kingdom and spread His glory upon the earth.

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