Corking a Geyser

Last night, I almost believed the enemy and had planned never to write again. Why I even entertained him disturbs me, but I did and even set my alarm, so it’d be too late for me to write this morning. My plan failed because God woke me up an hour before my alarm and told me to write, so here I am.

You see, when I write, it has nothing to do with ME. My writing is in response of my intimacy with God, and normally, what I’m to write is like a stream flowing inside me, but this morning, it felt like a geyser waiting to erupt but couldn’t because I’d try to cork it. I love how God wins…every time.

All this nonsense from the enemy came after a day of experiencing God’s love in a new and miraculous way.

Recently, a friend had offered me to clean their house, so I took the offer to earn some money towards rent. Cleaning: something I did well, while on crystal meth but something I lack in general, but because I needed the money, I was willing, and that’s all it took.

As I arrived to the home, I felt broken. To me, this place was already immaculate. How was I supposed to clean what was already clean, but my friend took me through the house and showed me what needed to be done.

After a cup of coffee and a chat, it was my turn to shine the place up. Before I started, my friend let me know how it was God who invited me there, and no matter how I cleaned, there was an amount that God had set aside for me. Those words made me cry because, if it was based on my cleaning ability, I’m not sure how much that’d be worth, but God…

The whole time I was cleaning, I thought about how I wasn’t “earning” it by what I was “doing.” God was blessing me because He loved me. That’s life…period. You don’t have to DO anything to earn His love. It’s just who He is, and it’s what He likes to do. Jesus died to “show” this love and made it possible to be one with Him…such a picture of heaven on earth.

In the end, the total being paid to me was over what I needed for rent, so here I am…a day early…with enough to send off the check. Actually, the rent is DUE on the first, but I have until the fifth to have it postmarked. Since I’ve been working from home, it’s been sent on the fifth, which is fine by me, as long as it gets paid.

When I arrived home last night, I had fifteen minutes to prepare for JC’s Girls meeting and had a messy house because…you know. I didn’t even stress about it, though. A family showed up; I explained the mess and invited them into it. We had an amazing time!! It was such a God thing, and it didn’t even matter that the house was messy. It was, actually, a good thing for everyone!

One of the ladies had recently been prostituting, in between her jail stays and just entered into Jesus’ heart last week. She’s felts dirty and judged at every church she’s gone to (except one). I was able to share with her how I’d been set free from all that, when I picked up my first worship flag. I was so happy to be there for this family, and they live close by, so we’ll get to keep our friendships going…face to face!

Back to the beginning: my plan to not write was interrupted by God. This morning, I’ll be going to a meeting about how to run a million dollar business (or something like that), and I needed to be there by eight, so I set me alarm for five to give me time to stop by the ocean along the way. God woke me up at three-fifty and told me to write, so here we are.

I love how He loves me! I love how I’m continuing to learn to reject the lies of the enemy and receive the goodness of His heart. My intentions in writing are all good; my motives are pure; and my freedom’s from Him. I’ve had some amazing teaching along the way, which will be at the bottom of this, but ultimately, the Holy Spirit taught me. Whether He used man, His word, a worship flag, etc., HE’s the One Who gets all the Glory, not me!!

While I’m at the ocean this morning, I’ll be broadcasting my testimony live on Periscope, so find me: Laura Lee Bonde. I’ll also be singing a song I wrote.

Also, if you want a good teaching from the Holy Spirit, watch Dan Mohler on YouTube:…

3 thoughts on “Corking a Geyser

  1. Every time we receive something good, are blessed, step a little closer to GOD, the enemy is there to remind us how we’ve sinned or have fallen short, or to tempt us again with sin. This is the daily struggle for mist christians, but especially for new ones. All we need is to be reminded of the love of GOD, and turn away from sin.
    Sometimes we will fail. Other times we will succeed. But only if we turn to GOD will we see victory.
    Find friends that encourage. Find friends that will pray for you. Find friends that you can trust with your story to be there for you,and point you back in the right direction.

    Keep doing what GOD has blessed you with. Keep the geyser flowing.

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