“Listening Without Hearing”

sometimes my call to write
is louder than
my desire to make flags
my desire to love
my desire to meet
there’re just words that want
to come out
feelings that need
to be expressed
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Words that Pierce


Have you ever been attacked by words? If you’re alive, your answer’s probably yes.

Before my retreat, I was attacked harshly by two different people, both “Christians”…both “speaking their truth in love,” but this isn’t a post about bashing them. It’s about continuing to move forward in spite of them.

If you’re new or old to my blog, you’ve probably noticed how I love God and how I live through His Heart. In doing so, I’ve realized all the dreams I have and how they’ll become reality in due time. One of these dreams is to write about whatever God puts on my heart and/or mind, and that’s what I’m currently doing, but it’s more than that. Continue reading

Season’s Greetings

As I sit here with God, I began to write about something “I” wanted to write about (knowing that God wanted me to write about something totally different). I managed to get a title out and one sentence. It was so forced. I KNEW God wanted me to reveal my heart, but I didn’t want to listen. Needless to say, after that ONE sentence, I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere, so I deleted it and am now writing about what God told me to. Continue reading

Corking a Geyser

Last night, I almost believed the enemy and had planned never to write again. Why I even entertained him disturbs me, but I did and even set my alarm, so it’d be too late for me to write this morning. My plan failed because God woke me up an hour before my alarm and told me to write, so here I am. Continue reading