“Dancing in the Rain”

there are times I feel the teardrops fall before I tell them no
it’s almost like hope leaks out
I think about failing
about not having rent
about support that’s there and not
then I think about the enemy laughing at my defeat
and I become empowered
I may not know what I’m doing but I know what I’m doing
Hope isn’t about money
or friends
or family
Hope is Jesus
and NEVER leaks out

one more day that the enemy lost and I’ll make flags from VICTORY

Two Halves Make a Whole

Every once in awhile, I experience a loneliness that HAS to be felt, and last night was one of those nights.

When it’s time to dye flags, the whole process is pretty taxing physically and spiritually, for me anyways, so by the end of the night, I was exhausted, and it’s at that moment of exhaustion when I find I miss a husband the most.

All I picture is sitting down and resting with him, whoever “that” is, but at the same time, I feel super close with God, so I’m never sure how to react, so I just react. Continue reading

Beyond What I Could See

It’s funny: right after I had received that powerful word from Graham Cooke last weekend about faith, I was confronted with fear about my finances and almost looked to the world for help, but God stopped me and spoke through a friend. Since that talk with my friend, amazing things have happened. Continue reading


when the bills are due and you’re just ‘not there’ yet
when everything you spend cuts into the rent
when your problems point to the promises

no need to worry
no need to fret

another opportunity
to trust
to believe
to listen
to move

walking by faith
leaving everything behind
discovering new land
to live in

The Captive Thoughts

Yesterday, I had my first customer, who was unhappy about her flags. As she was explaining over the phone why she didn’t like them, she said, “What do I do?” I told her to send them back, and I would refund her money. At first, I was fine, but then, I read something about not letting it affect me, and all of a sudden, it affected me. Continue reading

Jehovah Jireh

Every year, my ex-husband helps me out financially to buy the kids gifts (and pay bills). This year, I had the feeling I spent a little extra. See, I don’t balance a checkbook because there isn’t much to balance. I don’t have any debt. I don’t have any credit cards. I own my car, so all of my income goes for the general bills, rent, food, gas, and what I bring in is less than what I pay out. That’s why I make and sell worship flags.

…back to overspending. The first is just around the corner, so I should’ve really been checking my bank account balance, but you know…sometimes it’s easier NOT to look. When I look, fear seems to creep in. When I don’t look, trust keeps a hold of me, so I hadn’t looked. Here was my plan: I’ll look AFTER the dump; that way, whatever money I had would seem like a fortune. Well, I decided not to look.

On Friday, I came home to give Katie a ride to work. As she sat down to drive, I asked, “Did the mail come?” She said, “Yeah.” I asked, “Was there a check?” She said, “No. Were you expecting one?” I said, “No. I NEED one though.” …no comment.

Yesterday, Katie brings the mail up, hands me an envelope, and says, “Maybe it’s your check.” I opened it, and guess what was inside? …A CHECK FOR $300!! It was a gift from a woman in Florida whom I had eaten breakfast with earlier in the year. I’ve only met her once, but we’ve kept in contact. This was the second time her and her husband had sent me money in response to God’s beckoning: Jehovah Jireh!

Do you know what the neatest part is? Now, the kids expect it. I love that they are growing up seeing God provide for us over and over again. Now, we’ll have enough for rent, and I just ordered more material to make more flags. God is so amazing! Jesus is so personal! Holy Ghost is always listening! Yay, God!